Bismillah (In the name of God)

All praise is for Allah (God). May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, the messengers of Allah.

Ibn Percy means in English “son of Percy”.  My father’s name was Percy, may Allah have mercy on him and forgive him. Throughout history many noteworthy scholars, writers, politicians, leaders and celebratory Muslims were known as “ibn so and so”. Thus the name of my blog as I aspire to attempt to be like those great people of the past. Lastly, it is the proper name that Allah will refer to me on The Day where everyone will be judged accordingly.

I pray and hope that my writings and blog postings will benefit all those who read and inspire us to be better people in our communities and in the global society. Anything wrong that I say, I ask for your forgiveness and that it is from my own self and not from Allah.


I originally started blogging on another blog in 2000. It lasted for a decade ending in December 2009. I then started this blog in January 2012. With new insight and growth over the years this blog will be better than my former one. The legacy continues with a new brand.

Ibn Percy