Bayyinah TV is a continually growing video library of exclusive and unique Qur’anic and Arabic studies content. Each video series in Bayyinah TV serves as a comprehensive educational resource. These include the following to begin with:

If you can afford Netflix or Hulu Plus, then you should consider subscribing to Bayyinah.TV.  Bayyinah’s CEO, president, owner and founder Nouman Ali Khan has launched an online streaming site with hundreds of hours of video lectures. There are currently 3 “shows” available:

Arabic with Husna
Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan teaches Qur’anic Arabic to his daughter Husna and you can join her in your own learning quest. A great Qur’anic Arabic course for adults & children, self learners, home schoolers and Islamic schools.

Qur’an, Cover to Cover
A flowing translation of the Qur’an with an emphasis on coherence and subtleties lost in translation. An effective way of getting introduced to the Qur’an through a guided study.

Divine Speech
Why does the Qur’an repeat itself so much? How come it uses ‘We’ for God? Why aren’t the stories in chronological order? Why are they scattered piecemeal and not mentioned one whole story at a time? What’s the point of God taking oaths by the Sun, the moon, the morning, battle horses and figs to name a few? Why is the Qur’an in the order it is in? Why do subjects change so frequently? This compelling series addresses these and many other questions pertaining to the hidden literary beauty and power of the Qur’an.

I signed up and I am impressed.  There is so much content.  The UI/UX can be imporved and I’ve already messaged them with suggestions, but I am exicted to enjoy these videos. Especially with Ramadan coming up, it couldn’t have been timed perfectly. Alhamdulillah!

So what is the cost? Like Netflix which charges a monthly fee for unlimited access to streaming movies and TV shows. charges a monthly fee of $11 for unlimited access to all Ustadh Nouman’s lectures and classes. The cool thing about this is that the money will be invested into future projects such as documentaries, more “shows” on the Qur’an and more quality content.

So if you an afford Netflix or Hulu Plus then consider!

Would the real Nouman please stand up!

Also this is a side note, for some reason there are a lot of people pretending to be Nouman on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Just to clarify here are his official accounts:

So if you see anything else, it’s not him.