Yes those crazy Muslims are dancing their sharia way into America. One move at a time. These guys, Yousuf Erakat and Adam Saleh, are tearing up the streets of America dropping some explosive dance moves.

You can see the videos and vote here. Currently Yousuf has 70% of the vote, with Adam trailing behind with 24%.  So it’s safe to say that at least 94% of America want’s sharia dance moves. [Update: So apparently the Quang Vu guy is cheating, because after I took this screenshot, within 8 hours he went from 910 to 1.4 million votes to the #1 spot with 66% of the votes. Cheaters never win though, so I’m sure the tech team at Ellen will fix this.] 

In all seriousness though this is very interesting, because usually when a person does some crime and their name sounds Muslim, Islam usually comes up.  In this case though where the names are Muslim sounding and they are in fact Muslims, Islam is not mentioned.  Is it because they are doing something “good”.  I wouldn’t say that.  I would say it’s because they are being normal.  Normal Muslims are not a good for the media.  It doesn’t make them money.  Politics aside, this is really cool that two young Muslim Arab Americans are gaining popularity on the Ellen show.

Yousuf Erakat and Adam Saleh, if you guys are reading this, may Allah bless the two of you and continue to guide you.  Ameen!  InshaAllah we meet one day.