The letter has been removed (content of the letter is still retained in post) and updated with thoughts on the case. For those who haven’t read the statement he said in the courtroom, it is a must read.

One thing that I really found strange is that not a single major Muslim organization or group ever supported or issued any statement regarding his case.  They are all silent.  So it is clear that Tarek Mehanna was on his own. Yet he is not, because non Muslims have given his case more publicity like Glenn Greenwald, Carol Rose of, and even a juror wanted mercy for Tarek. Tarek mentioned in his statement about loyalty to his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, but many of us have abandoned him and our non Muslim brothers and sisters are more loyal to Tarek then us.

For those Muslims who are afraid to to associate themselves with Tarek even by mentioning a statement on their site or blogging him, read this in depth analysis of his translations and his beliefs posted by Danios of LoonWatch. I clearly would disagree with many points with Tarek.  I would not take my deen from him. The point is he did not do anything wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong other then speak in a radical way.  In fact Ron Paul is considered a radical.  He want’s to do a lot of radical things in the government. Paul also was staunchly against the actions of Obama’s killing of Awlaki and his son. We have the Tea Party who are also considered radicals and even racists by many. The point is Tarek Mehanna is not the only radical in America with radical thoughts, Muslim or not.  Radical thought and speech is not a crime in America.

Some of the articles I linked to compared Tarek’s case to the Christian Militia known as Hutaree which was a group that planned to attack and murder Americans. In the end the judge in their case ruled that they had the first amendment right and dismissed the charges.  So basically planing attacks, learning how to make bombs and stockpiling weapons is all first amendment rights. What did Tarek do? Translate from Arabic to English. That’s what the government has against him.

What’s even worse which I wrote in my letter to Tarek is that Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook should all be given 17 years for the crime Tarek is charged with.  Google Translate has and can translate from Arabic to English.  YouTube continue to distributes Anwar al Awlaki’s videos right now. Twitter and Facebook are all tools that publicly share links and resources that can be considered “terrorist” documents to the government. If someone want’s to be stupid and become a terrorist, they don’t need a blog of translated Arabic to English.  They can simply Google and YouTube themselves to a self-styled idiot of terror.

It’s a sad case.  My heart sunk when I read the statement.  I apologized to him in my letter saying I didn’t do as much as I could have. My heart goes out to his mother and father. They are brave parents and should be honored.  Many parents would tell their son to just do what they say and listen to them to get the “easy way out” and settle some deal with the prosecution. Tarek and his family stood tall and now they will be forever remembered in history. May Allah have mercy on Tarek and his family, make it easy for them and give them peace. Ameen!