My wife saw just a few minutes of this video and she was so overwhelmed that she now vows to never eat meat unless it is “organic” (free range and zabihah). In fact she left the room only seeing the pork segment because she was so distraught from seeing how animals were being treated and prepared for human food consumption. She missed the segments on egg, poultry, milk, and dairy, which are foods we can actually consume as Muslims. This brings up another point. We should not hate pigs. As Muslims, although we are prohibited from consuming pig and pig products (due to the divine wisdom of Allah as He knows what is in man’s best interest), they are the creation of Allah and should be respected and honored as such. Seeing them tortured and brutally killed should make us cringe and cry.

WARNING: This video is extremely violent. It brought my wife and I to tears. I forced myself to watch the entire video to make myself more aware of the reality that is occurring in today’s food production facilities. After watching the video, I became more serious with respect to my intention about eating organic and zabihah meat only, and to do so sparingly.

Now that you are all teary-eyed (if you’re not, that’s ok), I have some good news for you!  Mercy Slaughter in Texas provides zabihah slaughtered free-range (“organic”) meat.  Here is a video of their beautiful methods:

After watching both videos, what are your thoughts on the following?

– How food is being produced in the West and worldwide
– How animals are treated during mechanisms of food production
– What are your thoughts on supporting local farmers versus large corporations (such as in the case of concentrated animal food operations (CAFOs))?
– How do you feel after seeing the animals submitting unwillingly for slaughter in the Mercy Slaughter video?

This lecture is very relevant: