From the official Imam Suhaib Webb Facebook page:


The above facebook page is being used to commit fraud in my name, he is using this page to solicit money and donations. I have filed a police report, but he continues to solicit donations. Please spread the word and do not support this person. He even falsified documents, claiming to represent the ISBCC and my assistant. He has asked for over 500k from folks and has hurt others. Inshallah he will be exposed and brought to justice. I need help to expose this fraud.

This is the ONLY OFFICIAL facebook page for Imam Suhaib Webb.

– Imam Suhaib Webb [SW Admin]

This is crazy. The Facebook profile “” is a fake and has been used to collect donations under Imam Suhaib Webb’s name. What goes through the mind of someone to do this I really do not know.  I hope this person is caught and stopped. If you are friends with this account or have any mutual friends please let them know to de-friend them.