Many Muslims (including myself) complain and talk about how Muslims are protesting, getting angry, burning flags and storming embassies around the world because of a stupid video on the web while they do not about what is happening in Syria.  They usually say how come Syrian embassies aren’t stormed or attacked.

The fact of the matter is the Syrian embassies around the world have been attacked:

London, Australia, Cairo and other places:

Protesters attacked seven Syrian embassies around the world following reports of the bloodiest episode yet in Damascus’ nearly yearlong crackdown on dissent. Mobs trashed diplomats’ offices from London to Australia and set the embassy in Cairo on fire. (source)


Five people remained in custody after being arrested for forcing entry into the embassy, and the sixth for assaulting an officer.


CAIRO — Egyptian security forces have fired tear gas to push back several hundred protesters trying to storm the Syrian Embassy in Cairo and raise the green-striped flag of Syria’s rebels.


Police were alerted to the scene just after 10am on Tuesday and five minutes later the first police patrol car had arrived to the embassy. According to the group’s spokesperson, there are some 30-40 people taking part in the action, some of which have entered the building.


The incident happened about 9.30pm yesterday when a number of men forced their way into the Syrian embassy building in the upmarket Canberra suburb of O’Malley. Canberra police received a triple-0 emergency call about 9.35pm. (source)


Representatives of the Syrian diaspora in Egypt chanted slogans against Bashar al-Assad, and then tried to break through security and enter the embassy compound. The police were forced to use tear gas to control the crowd. According to a police station in Cairo, during the riots 14 people were arrested.


The Syrian embassy in Ottawa was vandalized overnight when the front of the building was splashed with red paint. (source)


A group of Syrian residents and a few Kuwaitis had stormed the embassy, vandalized it and lowered the Syrian flag Saturday morning in protest against the bloodshed in Syria. (source)


Clashes erupted between protesters and security forces at the Syrian embassy in Cairo when protesters tried to storm the embassy, denouncing the Syrian ambassador (source)