Allah hu Akbar! God is greater! This is an amazing story of a sister, Fatimah Aulaqi, raising money for a hajj ticket for a Muslim elder int he community, brother Hassan. May Allah reward her for this initiative and everyone who donated. May Allah accept the hajj of our dear elder brother Hassan and accept his duas.

Things like this make me happy. This is the barakah of Ramadan. This is the barakah of Muslims donating for the sake of Allah.

You can click here to see the campaign or donate more for his living expenses.

Here is the story of brother Hassan:

On September 14th, 1949, our dear brother Hassan was born into a devoted Christian family in Waterbury, CT. Growing up, Hassan gave in to the shameless lifestyle of today’s gangster. He entered the detrimental world of drug dealing, and after 9 years, he was arrested and imprisoned for 5 years. For most people, going to prison ruins their lives, but, for brother Hassan, it was the best thing to ever happen to him at that point in his life. This is because during his sentence in 1978, he discovered the prodigious story of the great Malcolm X. He was so intrigued by how much Islam could change a man for the better, and the story remained with Hassan for years. As each year went by, he wanted to make better changes in his life. Following his release from prison, Hassan enrolled at the University of New Haven Connecticut to major in engineering where he received a scholarship in civil engineering. The turning point in his life occurred on the 27th night of Ramadan in 1983 when Hassan reverted to Islam. He feels that he is definitely not the same man as he was before that night. Islam has opened his heart to peace and love whilst shutting out sin and evil. His mother, among others, admired his change, and when revealed that it’s because he became a Muslim, she said “If this is what’s been keeping you like this, then stick with it.” Hassan’s love for Islam lies in God’s mercy and forgiveness. He is so appreciative of the blessings God has given him, and he tries his best to return the favor by helping his community. He is a devoted brother in Islam and he feels that his life would be complete when he completes Hajj. Brothers and sisters, let’s help send this man to Mecca as a charity, as a gift, and as a blessing from Allah.

Here is the screenshot of the amount after 18 hours.