When the Boston Bombings happened, there was an interfaith event organized right after to bring together the people of Boston and the nation.  Imam Suhaib Webb was the representative of the Boston Muslim community and the greater American Muslim community as well, but last minute he was replaced.  He was replaced by a person I never heard of.  I consider myself pretty active in the Muslim community in America.  I have never heard of the person’s name, Nasser Wedaddy, nor of his organization, the American Islamic Congress (AIC).  Whilst other faith groups had respected clergy and popular figures of their respective communties, the Muslims had Wedaddy.  It was very unfortunate.  We know why know why now though. Electronic Intifiada has discovered that the AIC is a front for the anti-Islam agenda.  The likes of Sheldon Adelson and Daniel Pipes have funded the AIC and promoted it. It is unfortunate that Muslims have sold themselves for a few bucks to continue the agenda of bigotry and hate.