Dear friends,

I greet you, invoking God’s peace and blessings upon you:

Friday’s are special for me because at the ISBCC I get to see the fabric of our community. One of my favorites is seeing our security staff early in the morning, smiling and greeting everyone who walks in. Br. Muhammad Ubai always asks me, “Did you get that 5 mile jog in today, brother Imam?” Second, but close, is getting hugs from Sr. Malika’s granddaughters, whose smiles bring so much light to my office.

Friday’s at the ISBCC bring about the best in our community. From law enforcement, educators, medical professionals, weight loss coaches, students and the youth; all of you bring smiles and warm stories about the unique relationship between faith and life. One of the many things I learned from you is balance and patience. I hear your stories and I feel the book education I’ve received pales in the face of your rich experiences.

This Friday is not a normal Friday. I am deeply saddened and shocked by the recent events. Our city’s peace was taken away in a blink of an eye. Our faith is once again being called to suspicion. Innocent people are being hurt. What is needed now is meeting hate with love, trials with patience and fear with increased worship. Each and every one of us needs to be a shelter in this storm.

God has chosen the Boston community to be the focus, because our community is an excellent one. Our track record speaks volumes to the dedication we have to our city, our heart, Boston. Do not fear and do not waiver, for God stands with this community! Face the coming days with a sense of pride and altruism, that will grant you the dignity to swallow the pills of the shallow minded, the heart to continue to give and support our city. I remind you as our Prophet (sa) reminded Abu Bakr when things looked dire, “Do not fear, God is with us.”

It is an honor to serve you; to know you and to be with you. I love you in God’s grace.

Imam Suhaib
Imam Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center

Source: Facebook