I have recently learned that a friend, Mohamed Soltan, of some of my friends was attacked and arrested in Egypt for protesting against the Egyptian military coup. I have pasted their words with their permission. Mohamed Soltan has been an activist in Egypt calling for Democracy. You can see him on Twitter here and he was on ABC News doing an interview here.

From my friend Raef:

Mohamed Soltan, shot earlier by Egyptian security forces is now arrested by the bastards. They broke into the apartment and took him – as of now, no one knows where he is.

From my friend Ahmad Abuhamda:

My friend and Egyptian American anti-coup anti-violence pro-democracy pro-human rights activist from The Ohio State University, Mohamed Soltan, was arrested earlier today by the cowardly Egyptian armed forces. They claim that because he is American he is committing treason by exposing Egypt’s secrets to America.

Mohamed cares for everyone (poor/rich, young/elderly, black/white, even those he disagrees with) and wants peace and justice for ALL the oppressed, regardless what country they’re in. He always has a smile on his face. He is one of the best people I know.

Please pray for his safety, his release, and for his family’s patience during this time. Oh God, please facilitate the release of this brave young American, whose only “crime” is that he did not want to come back to the US and leave Egypt drown in this pit of inhumane and unjust military rule that’s dragging this country back to the dark ages.

He was preaching “silmiyya” (peace) from day 1 of this violent coup. He was shot in the arm by a sniper simply for helping the media share the news of what is going on in the ground with the rest of the world and he still didn’t give up on peace. Many of his friends died in his arms and he didn’t give up on peace. Please contact your congressman and demand the release of this brave young American.

From the Free Soltan Facebook Group

Mohamed Soltan, 25,Ohio State Graduate and an American citizen was arrested yesterday with three other Egyptian youth for their efforts in in portraying the Military Coup as it is to the world. We demand the immediate release of Mohamed and his friends..