A brother posted this comment on Facebook:

Seen a pattern of formerly overzealous practicing Muslims fall completely out of the faith. Sometimes moving from one Muslim group to its polar opposite with the same enemy-centered, “I-will-refute-you” overzealousness.

Be careful not to conflate correcting “the other” as your #1 ‘ibadah priority over actual worship (salah, Qur’an, communicating with Allah via du’aa, community service, good manners, ethics, and behavior).

The “enemy-centered” mentality that plagues overzealous Muslims of all stripes is a dog-eat-dog mentality that eventually turns inward, first by going after people outside “the group”, then going after people within “the group” until that person eventually turns on themselves.

There is only so much negativity a person can contain within themselves in the name of religiosity before they spiritually implode.

Don’t be a hater – be a worshiper

Then a famous Muslim scholar responded with these comments:

Try this experiment. Go to Youtube. Type in the word “refutation” in the search engine. See what comes up with the auto-filling and also the search results.

My point was that Muslims seem to have a monopoly on refuting each other. For what??

I did just that and the picture above was what I saw.

Muslims are #1 at refuting each other!