Slow it down for a second
You posted up that video it got a lot of hatred
But before you be confused on why they sit here hating
Would you want your daughter portrayed like she’s open

Open to be anything here
And no I really do see your message it was clear
You were trying to say that somewhere in America there’s a couple Muslim sisters
That aren’t the average Muslimahs

They can chill and probably blend in with a big crowd
But pause that’s not what we want, we want to stand out
And I aint gonna sit here and try to rap empowerment
I did that years ago, Hijabi Girls, you never heard it

But right now I’m thinking of how I saw these sisters
Make up on cartwheels stunting their figures
Of how their scarf doesn’t make them a different girl
But man we aim to stay far away from this earthly world

But who am I speak we all have sins dudes
We’ve all did wrong and I’m not tryna diss you
Cause what Ive seen so far are people tryna hurt you
Discredit your intentions like they honestly have known you

It’s sad that your innocent creativity
Created adversity among these universities
Technology has impacted your ideal scheme
Some say your mind is harmfully like an ill pharmacy
We don’t have to sing nasheeds to be in harmony
Tired of scrutiny partially I need immunity urgently
Searching for what happen to our courtesy
Maturity guys blog posts aren’t purpose see
We ended up being another factor of society

I mean this little remix may get scrutiny
But I’m sick of people seeing false mutiny
Then brutally attack their own Muslim community
Disunity rooted with all the opportunities

Jay said there’s a Miley out here twerking
Naim says that Muslimahs are working
They are doctors, lawyers, engineers, designers
CEO’s of companies, entrepreneurs

And they rep Islam really proud
They don’t have to dance to a Jay Z background
Every Muslimah in that video is intelligent
And none of you should ever dare to see it any different

I really wish that the video’s message
Was portrayed in a different way
But see my video’s concept
Is give the brother Abaas a break