A friend posted a link to this really sad article of a father and his two daughters enjoying a beautiful day bike riding in their neighborhood. A reckless driver was speeding down the road and lost control hitting down the family biking  Sadly, the father and one of the daughters passed away.  Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon (From God we came and it is God we will return to).  May Allah (God) have mercy on them and grant them jannatul firdaus (the garden of paradise – the highest level of heaven in Islam).

I commented at first, outraged with the death of my fellow Muslims, accusing the reckless driver of targeting them. Even after reading the news article saying how the it was a young 17-year-old teenager who was shocked he had killed 2 people. I read what I wanted to read like the fact he was arrested for conspiracy to commit manslaughter.  I read that as: he’s been charged with manslaughter so he targeted the Muslim family.

Conspiracy theories are very attracting to those without answers and looking for alternate answers that fit their agenda.  I will admit that many are interesting and I do believe some aspects of them which I will leave to another post. So what am I getting at? Well in this post I plan on reading the news article of the sad and tragic event by from the mind of  Muslim conspiracy theorist showing that sometimes we as Muslims make the mistake of reading the news like Islamophobes read it.



CONCORD — A speeding teen driver lost control of his sport utility vehicle, jumped a sidewalk and struck a Concord family out for a morning bike ride Saturday, killing a father and his 9-year-old daughter and injuring his 12-year-old daughter, authorities said.

Solaiman Nuri, 41, and his younger daughter, Hadessa, were killed in the crash along Treat Boulevard, near Oak Grove Road, said Concord police Lt. Bill Roche.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. May Allah (swt) have mercy on them and forgive them.

The driver in the crash — identified by friends as David Rosen, 17, of Concord — suffered minor injuries and was transported to a different Contra Costa County hospital, authorities said. He later was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter at the Concord police station, Roche said.

SubhanAllah! Look at this.  It was a Jewish man, David Rosen, driving his car into our innocent Muslim brothers and sisters. He only had minor injuries. He is probably a Zionist Israeli. He’s only arrested for “suspicion”.  His family probably runs the police and town, so he will get away scot free. If it was a Muslim, he’d be sent to Guantanamo Bay and tortured.

I have sources that tell me, the Rosen family are well connected to the Jewish Israeli Zionist terrorist group, Lehi. The Rosen’s grandfather’s brother’s son’s cousin’s wife’s brother-in-law’s daughter’s father’s friend was a member of the group!

Witnesses said the vehicle was traveling at an excessive rate of speed,” Broschard said.

Rosen will be held at Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall in Martinez this week while investigators consult with the District Attorney’s Office about the case, police said.

The accident occurred about 9:30 a.m., when the father and his two daughters, all wearing helmets, were on a regular family outing — riding bicycles along a Treat Boulevard sidewalk, Broschard said.

At that same time, Rosen, who was driving west on Treat Boulevard, swerved to avoid a car in front of him as he sped through an intersection and lost control of the white 2002 Cadillac Escalade, authorities and witnesses said.

So the Jewish guy was driving a nice luxury car of course, an Escalade, and they report he was driving at “an excessive rate of speed” and he “swerved to avoid a car in front of him”.  This is lies! The Zionist controlled media is lying to protect their own. In fact the Rosen’s family grandmother’s brother’s son’s wife’s brother’s brother-in-law’s neighbor works as a janitor for the newspaper!



Okay, obviously I was exaggerating my comments, but to get the point across this is exactly what Islamophobes do to articles related to Muslims doing anything wrong.  They always link them to some group they don’t like and then they automatically become a terrorist.

In all seriousness, this incident is a tragedy all around.  The Muslim family is devastated of the loss of the father and daughter. The young 17-year-old teenager has to live the rest of his live knowing that he killed two people. This is a heavy burden on all sides.  May Allah have mercy on the family and make it easy for them.  May Allah guide David Rosen to peace.