Taliban Destroy Historic Buddhist Site: Bad – Chinese Destroy Buddhist Ancient Site: Okay

Taliban Destroy Historic Buddhist Site: Bad – Chinese Destroy Buddhist Ancient Site: Okay

WHEN the Taliban blasted the famous Bamiyan Buddhas with artillery and dynamite in March 2001, leaders of many faiths and countries denounced the destruction as an act of cultural terrorism. But today, with the encouragement of the American government, Chinese engineers are preparing a similar act of desecration in Afghanistan: the demolition of a vast complex of richly decorated ancient Buddhist monasteries.

The offense of this Afghan monument is not idolatry. Its sin is to sit atop one of the world’s largest copper deposits.

The American government is okay with the destruction of the Buddhist site when the Chinese are doing it but not okay when the Taliban do it. Let’s see what the difference is:

The copper at the Mes Aynak mine, just an hour’s drive south of Kabul, is to be extracted under a roughly $3 billion deal signed in 2007 between Afghanistan and China’s Metallurgical Group Corporation. The Afghan finance minister, Omar Zakhilwal, recently said the project could pump $300 million a year into government coffers by 2016. But the project has been plagued by rumors of corruption; there was widespread talk of a $30 million kickback involving the former minister of mines, who resigned.

Oh, copper you say! Three billion dollars worth of it! By all means, please destroy as much as possible. Will the Afghans see the $3 billion? Who knows!

Source: New York Times

US Soldier Murders Muslim Children: No Evidence, Has PTSD. French Muslim Murders Jewish Children: Terrorist “Jihadist”. US Neighborhood Watchman Murders Black Teen: No Crime.

Robert Bales. Mohammed Merah. George Zimmerman.

What do they all have in common? They all murdered innocent children.

Robert Bales is a US soldier accused of murdering 16 Afghans including several young children.  Experts are weighing in on the news outlets across America discussing his brain injuries, PTSD, stress at home and other reasons why he would commit such a horrendous crime. They also claim alcohol was involved and his lawyers says there is no evidence of his crimes.