Shake Shack not halal in the US – A US Supplier for Shake Shack exports Halal Meat to Middle East locations and does not supply US locations

Shake Shack not halal in the US – A US Supplier for Shake Shack exports Halal Meat to Middle East locations and does not supply US locations

Update 2:  The Creek Stone Farms supplies Halal meat for export to the Middle East Shake Shack locations.  The US locations do not use halal meat.




Update 1: Apparently Creek Stone Farms supplies Shake Shack with their beef. This farm’s beef is halal. Shake Shake doesn’t know this that’s why they don’t advertise it nor acknowledge it.


Sorry but it’s not halal. I kept hearing about this restaurant and there were rumors that they were halal. I decided to simply ask them, and they responded with a clear and definite answer.

Hi Ibn,

Unfortunately we don’t serve halal or kosher meat in the US. I’m sorry about that, and hope you can visit us to enjoy a sweet treat of frozen custard.


Brandy Cerne

Is Elevation Burger Halal? Yes it is! (Updates)

Is Elevation Burger Halal? Yes it is! (Updates)

So my wife’s friend recently found out that Elevation Burger uses Halal meat via this link which was an interview with the owner discussing expanding the business in Kuwait:

Ansam: Tell me about the “Halal” meat you serve at Elevation Burger in Kuwait? How did you manage to make this possible?

Hans: Well, we’re very fortunate because when we first started the slaughter houses we happen to be working with were Halal. So basically what happen was we kept working with them (because in the United States it doesn’t really matter how the cow meat is prepared) because we liked how those slaughter houses did business, and they’re very clean – basically really good slaughter houses and we kept on with that and it’s been Halal ever since and it stayed that way. When Ali approached us few years ago… I dont know how long it’s been?

Ali: Yeah… that was one of the concerns

Hans: When we first went into business together I was able to say to him that it is not an issue, its Halal!

A few things jumped out at me when reading this. They’ve been doing business with Halal meat for a while. It’s not advertised on their site nor is it on Zabihah.com (the most popular website that displays Halal restaurants). The owner, Hans, mentions that the Halal meat slaughter house is clean.

What’s even more interesting is that Elevation Burger uses organic, free-range, grass fed meat. It’s not just Halal, but “tayyib” (wholesome, healthy, clean, pure, organic, etc.) meat.

I had to verify this, so I messaged the Elevation Burger Facebook page and they replied with this:

Looks like I’ll be checking this place out, inshaAllah!


The twitter account for EB Hyattsville, MD retweeted this post.  I guess that means they confirm? 🙂

Someone else asked on Facebook about all US locations if it was halal and the answer was yes:

More updates:

It’s machine slaughtered not hand slaughtered:

CORRECTION: They use hand slaughtered meat. An Elevation Burger representative emailed me and said:

I would like to let you know that that was a misstatement on our part and that error is being corrected. Our meat is hand slaughtered.

I apologize for this miscommunication of information.

Our meat production centers are certified by local Muslim organizations. Our meat is slaughtered by Muslims according to Islamic law, teaching and protocol. The meat of the animals is therefore certified halal and suitable for consumption by Muslims in any part of the world. All necessary precautions have been taken to prevent mixing with non-Halal meat. Our meat is sourced from more than 30 family farms from all over who slaughter their cattle according to Muslim law in accordance with halal practices.

Could I ask that you update your post so that the correct information is now available?

So there you have it!

Eating the meat of “Ahlul Kitab”? Think again, Watch this! – Eat “Organic” Zabihah!

My wife saw just a few minutes of this video and she was so overwhelmed that she now vows to never eat meat unless it is “organic” (free range and zabihah). In fact she left the room only seeing the pork segment because she was so distraught from seeing how animals were being treated and prepared for human food consumption. She missed the segments on egg, poultry, milk, and dairy, which are foods we can actually consume as Muslims. This brings up another point. We should not hate pigs. As Muslims, although we are prohibited from consuming pig and pig products (due to the divine wisdom of Allah as He knows what is in man’s best interest), they are the creation of Allah and should be respected and honored as such. Seeing them tortured and brutally killed should make us cringe and cry.

WARNING: This video is extremely violent. It brought my wife and I to tears. I forced myself to watch the entire video to make myself more aware of the reality that is occurring in today’s food production facilities. After watching the video, I became more serious with respect to my intention about eating organic and zabihah meat only, and to do so sparingly.

Now that you are all teary-eyed (if you’re not, that’s ok), I have some good news for you!  Mercy Slaughter in Texas provides zabihah slaughtered free-range (“organic”) meat.  Here is a video of their beautiful methods:

After watching both videos, what are your thoughts on the following?

– How food is being produced in the West and worldwide
– How animals are treated during mechanisms of food production
– What are your thoughts on supporting local farmers versus large corporations (such as in the case of concentrated animal food operations (CAFOs))?
– How do you feel after seeing the animals submitting unwillingly for slaughter in the Mercy Slaughter video?

This lecture is very relevant: