Spoiler Alert

Yesterday I went to see the movie ‘The Hunger Games’.   I didn’t read the book, but heard a lot of positive reviews of it.  I may add it to my reading list in the future but for now the movie will suffice.  If you haven’t seen the movie and would like to see it then I’d stop reading just in case I spoil it for you. So the movie starts out explaining the current situation and showing imagery of the current environment the story takes place in. There are 12 districts and a Capitol.  The Capital is where the well to do and rich middle to upper class live. The 12 districts are where the lower to poor class lives.  ‘The Hunger Games’ are basically a yearly event where a male and female representative are randomly (or voluntarily) selected to represent their district as “tributes” to the people of the Capitol for the sustenance and security they provide the districts after a past war. All 24 “tributes” participated in literally a fight to the death where only one is “victorious”. In other words, it’s a psychological sporting event where people are forced to kill each other for the pleasure of the aristocrat class. Each district has natural resources where the population under control of the Capitol produce for the Capitol and their inhabitants. The people of the Capitol need to continue to sustain their luxurious lifestyle with these natural resources. Controlling the districts is very important.  This is exactly the purpose of ‘The Hunger Games’ from my understanding of the movie.

How can this be applied to our world in our times? Very simple. The lifestyle of the suburban upper class to rich (The Capitol) is maintained and sustained by natural resources from the lower and poor class (The Districts). A simple example would be cheap labor in some countries who then export to other countries where rich people consume the products. Where exactly does ‘The Hunger Games” take place? There isn’t really an actual game where these “ghettos” or poor areas send people to play in a game that is a fight to the death.  In reality these poor areas of the world send their population to work in grueling conditions from child labor to sweat shops in order to get paid to put food in their mouths.  This is the real life ‘Hunger Games’.