The 2012 Presidential elections are over.  President Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term. Congratulations to him and his administration.  I pray to God that he rules justly and tries to fix the failed policies both foreign and domestically.  Thanks to God, Mitt Romney was defeated.  The Republican party still won the House of Representatives but lost the Senate.  It appears to be an extension of the past 2 years, but it’s better than a Romney presidency for sure.

There is no real way to tell how effective the Muslim vote was, but we can make assumptions based on statistics of high concentration of Muslims around the important battleground states.  There are several states that were extremely important for Romney but he lost them. I believe that the Muslim vote played a major role in swinging the state for Obama against Romney in Virginia, Florida and Ohio.  Let’s look at the results for each state and then the estimated Muslim population from “2010 U.S. Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study” in those states:


Results (as of Wed. Nov. 7, 8:33 AM / 97% reporting):

President Barack Obama 1,852,123
Mitt Romney 1,745,397
Difference 106,726
Estimated Muslim Population 250,000+

Obama won Virginia by a little over 100k. The estimated Muslim population is greater than 250,000. This is a lower estimation based on my review and calculation based on the RCMS 2010 census (linked above) as well as me living in the area. I have a firsthand experience of the Northern Virginia Muslim community and I can vouch that there is at minimum over 150,000 Muslims in Loudon and Fairfax county. The Political activism is very high as well. The recent Eid-ul-Adha 2012 prayers at the various ADAMS (All Dulles Area Muslim Society) satellite locations featured Democratic representatives.


Results (as of Wed. Nov. 7, 9:01 AM / 97% reporting):

President Barack Obama 4,129,360
Mitt Romney 4,083,321
Difference 46,039
Estimated Muslim Population 400,000+

The Muslim vote in Florida is extremely important. The numbers clearly show this. With such tight races, the Latino vote or the Jewish vote or the White vote are too large and one sided to bring a candidate over the other. This is where the Muslim vote in Florida is effective.


Results (as of Wed. Nov. 7, 9:23 AM / 90% reporting):

President Barack Obama 2,672,302
Mitt Romney 2,571,539
Difference 100,763
Estimated Muslim Population 150,000+

Ohio is probably the most important state for a Republican Presidential candidate. No Republican has won the Presidency without winning Ohio. It’s that important. Ohio Muslims are crucial in the vote to win Ohio. I believe Obama won Ohio because of the Muslim vote.