Shaykh Yasir Qadhi write:

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was not a Deobandi, or Salafi, or Ikhwani, or Ahl-e-Hadees, or Tablighi, or Sufi, or any of these modern groups and movements.

Each of these trends is a *human* attempt to try to recover the infinite Sunnah. And each of them is closer to the others with respect to the Sunnah in some aspects, and seeks to concentrate on one area of the Sunnah more than the others do, but none of them embodies the full Sunnah, because the Ummah that our Prophet (SAW) came to teach is broader than any one of these groups.

The irony is that each member of a group is able to recognize that the OTHER groups are fallible, having been created and modified at specific points and times, and subject to the context that they live in, yet such a member fails to recognize that his OWN group is just as fallible and human as the others.

And the even sadder reality: a very small fraction (perhaps less than 10 %) of the Ummah actually categorizes itself into any of these categories, yet this small fraction is so disunited in its own internal disputes and abstract differences that they neglect what unites them is far, far more than what divides them, especially when these groups compare themselves to the 90% of the Ummah who really couldn’t care less about these internal differences, and are just struggling to pray five times a day and live decent, spiritually fulfilled lives.

Allah will not judge you based on a label you defend. Be sincere and conscious of Allah and love the Prophet (SAW) as much as you can, fulfill as many rituals as you can, live your lives as Islamically as you can, and then *you* will be following the Sunnah as best as you can.

(Source: Facebook)