I just read a very disturbing article about a “hafiz” by the name of Suleman Maknojioa who was sexually abusing a young student while teaching them the Qur’an. Can you believe this?! How can someone teach the word of Allah, the speech of Allah, the message from Allah and commit this atrocious crime against a young innocent child. What is shocking is that the UK’s court system has freed this man because he is the main provider for his family. What is even more shocking is the lack of uproar! We don’t like cartoons, videos, or even bad jokes, but for this we haven’t been as vocal against it as we can be.

We must have a zero tolerance policy for incidents like this. This is a devastating crime that hurts the victim greatly. When the victims are young children who are still innocent makes it even more traumatic. Any Muslim leader, teacher, scholar, imam, etc. that uses their position to fulfill their disgusting desires to prey upon children should be called out, brought to justice and sentenced. They should resign from their position and stop teaching. People make mistakes, but this is not a mistake that can be forgiven. Have you ever read anything nonsensical like this among the early Muslims and then they being forgiven? Alcoholics, adulterers, thieves were forgiven, but not rapists or child abusers. Their crimes are incomparable.

Muslims need to be brave and approach every rumor or accusation of child abuse from anyone with serious investigation and reported to the proper authorities. Allah commands us to forbid the evil and to call to action to good. When we give the benefit of the doubt to accusations against suspected child abusers we are not forbidding the evil, but rather we are promoting the evil. Giving the benefit of the doubt does not mean do not investigate. You can still give the benefit of the doubt but still investigate. In fact Allah also tells us in the Qur’an to verify news and investigate it. We must ask questions and listen to our children. Listen to everything they say and any hint of abuse we must take it seriously.

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