I saw on my Facebook newsfeed a link to this article talking about two Muslim men in France who are gay and had their nikkah performed by an Imam. Before jumping into my thoughts on this. I want to state my own views on homosexuality.  I am not a scholar and I do not have any authority to pass a fatwa.  I believe that the act of of intercourse between two people of the same gender is a sin just like adultery or any other sin. One can repent and only Allah can judge them, so I will not.

I believe that the reason we have Muslims like this today is the lack of our community in following the sunnah of not judging others but helping others come closer to Allah and following the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him no matter there sin.  Here is why I say this.  In the article it states:

Zahed was diagnosed with AIDS at the tender age of 19, but the illness gave him a new purpose in life and drew him closer to religion.

“I turned to worship and prayer to [battle] the situation; I became religious, and I performed Umra then Hajj twice, seeking a simpler, normal life.

Despite the threats that I get by phone or from the Internet, as well as, my struggle with the negative views that I get from Arabs and Muslims alike, today I feel more comfortable in my own skin,” he said.

Zahed wants to pursue his doctoral studies in Islam and homosexuality and he also heads an organization that researches issues relating to Islam and homosexuality. He said his absolute priority is to get a legal permit for his new spouse to stay and work in France.

The couple does not intend to travel to an Arab or Muslim nation for fear of being discriminated against. “We want to stay in France, because my husband really likes this country. However, if it becomes impossible for him to stay, we will return to South Africa to live,” Zahed told France 24.

I bolded the key parts. Many of us have become enemies of these people who need Islam and guidance.  Some of us have chased the Muslims with homosexual feelings who are trying to get help away. If a Gay Muslim came out publicly, the first reaction would be rejection. Our community would disassociate ourselves with that person.  Knowing this many leave Islam and go to non-Muslims for help. Whilst others do exactly what the above brothers did: find a community that accepted them. What’s even worse is that for some strange reason some Muslims think that if you are Gay, you aren’t a Muslim anymore. That’s like saying if you drink alcohol you aren’t a Muslim anymore.

Homosexuality is a an extremely embarrassing identity crisis not just for Muslims but for everyone in all cultures and environments.  Until recently, it was something that was looked down upon in society.  Maybe this is a sign of the end of times when it is more widely accepted.  Allah knows best.  The reality though is that homosexuality existed before Prophet Muhammad’s time, during his time and continues to exist up to this very day. Our community has to accept this and realize that Muslims will have homosexual feelings. These feelings are not haram, the act is haram. We need to understand the difference.

Our masaajid (mosques) need to have available counselors and experts who can sit down with our brothers and sisters who are struggling with their sexuality.  It should be in a dignified manner in which we embrace them in order to help them receive proper guidance.  I believe that all leaders of Muslim communities should learn some basic counseling and find out who in the community they can refer them to.

We ourselves have to remain calm and compassionate when put in a difficult situation like this.  I ask myself what happens if someone in my family says they are gay.  How would I react?  A few years ago, I’d probably condemn them to the hellfire. May Allah forgive me for my ignorance and lack of following the beautiful way of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Now I’d probably sit down and have a serious discussion about it. Explain what I learned and have been taught about homosexuality in Islam and then seek immediate help from those who experts in this field.

At the end of the day we want people to be guided.  We want people to connect with Allah and submit to Him. So why chase them away? May Allah guide us all and have mercy on us all. Ameen!