Robert Bales. Mohammed Merah. George Zimmerman.

What do they all have in common? They all murdered innocent children.

Robert Bales is a US soldier accused of murdering 16 Afghans including several young children.  Experts are weighing in on the news outlets across America discussing his brain injuries, PTSD, stress at home and other reasons why he would commit such a horrendous crime. They also claim alcohol was involved and his lawyers says there is no evidence of his crimes.

The recent and tragic events in France have led the French police to narrow it down to Mohammed Merah, the suspect in the fatal shootings of several French people including Jewish children.  His crimes were just as horrendous as Robert Bales, yet every news outlet has already declared him a terrorist “jihadist” who wanted to “avenge deaths of Palestinian children”. First off, as a Muslim, I want to condem his actions.  This is not Jihad.  This is clearly not Islamic.  His actions are actually haram (prohibited act). Now my question is why can’t Mohammed Merah have a psychological problem like Robert Bales?  Why couldn’t he have stress or depression?  In fact based on his actions I think he is a lunatic terrorist, not a Muslim terrorist.  He is most definitely not a “Jihadist”.

Another tragic murder happened in Florida when Trayvon Martin, a male 17-year-old Black teenager, was walking to a relative’s house after buying some skittles and a drink became involved in an altercation with a neighbor, George Zimmerman.  In the end of the altercation, George Zimmerman shot him to death. As I type this post, Zimmerman has not been arrested nor has he been charged due to the law of “self-defense”. The reason why this case is so popular is the fact that there is evidence where Trayvon did not do anything wrong. Zimmerman called 9-1-1 and was told to not to pursue and not engage but yet he proceeded anyway. Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend while walking who provided evidence that Trayvon was not aggressive towards Zimmerman. There is also evidence that Zimmerman is a racist.

If Mohammed Merah is a terrorist then so is Robert Bales and George Zimmerman. They terrorized their victims.  They terrorized children. A terrorist is crazy.  If Robert Bales is crazy, then so was Mohammed Merah and George Zimmerman.  A terrorist is racist only concerned with killing a specific group of people. George Zimmerman is a racist who specifically targeted the innocent Black Trayvon Martin just like Mohammed Merah targeted the Jewish children and Robert Bales targeted the Afghan villagers.

A terrorist has no religion but a religion of their own full of hate and rage.  They can be insane, crazy, suffering from stress and depression and a wild assortment of diagnoses.  A characteristic of a terrorist is one who is literally crazy.  I don’t understand or comprehend how a person can shoot children at point blank range.  Unless you are fighting the Lord’s Resistance Army. I don’t see how some children sleeping in a village in Afghanistan or some children attending a Jewish school in France or a young teen walking in a suburban neighborhood is threatening to anyone that they need to murder them.

All these actions by these idiots are wrong.  I condemn them. They do not represent a religion, a group of people or any society.  They only represent themselves.  Robert Bales does not represent the US military or America. Mohammed Merah does not represent French Muslims or Muslims worldwide. George Zimmerman does not represent neighborhood watchmen or Americans. They all represent murderers.