So I had a crazy idea: What if there was a way to turn the Sh. Abu Eesa drama (or any drama) into something positive?

Answer: Halal Drama!

The idea is simple and the intention is pure. Muslims have differences. We always have and most likely will continue to do so. We are passionate over many various issues. I thought why not challenge the energy towards something good. Instead (or in addition) to posting online, trolling comments, arguing, creating petitions, etc., why not donate to actual causes and put your money where your mouth is?

The concept is straight forward, donate to a cause and forward the proof of donation without personal information to halaldrama at I’ll update the chart on the website with the latest numbers. This will entice more people to donate. Even if it is to compete, it’s competing for something worthy instead of just getting numbers for a petition or scoring likes on Facebook / retweets on Twitter.

It’s a win win situation for everyone. People get rewarded for donating and charities that are doing good things in the community get funded. Instead of just arguing, real action is taking place.

Check out the site here: