Often when a Muslim commits a criminal act is expected for all Muslim organizations, Muslim groups and Mosques to condemn the actions of the Muslim criminal. I find this really sad and dumb.  No Muslim is responsible for the criminal acts of another Muslim.  No Muslim should have to apologize for another Muslim’s criminal act. We still do it many times over and over. With the recent murder committed by two Muslims in the UK, every major Muslim organization issued statements condemning it. Popular Muslim figures released videos condemning it. Yet it is often stated by some, “where are the Muslim condemnations?”. So with that said, I am asking where are the condemnations for these crimes?

Note the exaggerated titles for religious emphasis. Obviously these criminals do not represent the religion or non-religion. Obviously the titles I chose are stretching the truth and generalizing without facts. The point I am making is that this is exactly how Muslims and Islam are treated in newspapers when criminals who are Muslim commit crimes. The same way Christians, Jews, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, etc. do not have to condemn the acts of a just a few as listed above.  The same reason why Muslims do not have to and should not have to.  They are criminals and their actions are condemned by their illegal actions against the law of the country they perpetrated it .